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Arline M. Lowenthal, S.C.D., Director

Let me introduce you to Future Vision News Bureau. FVNB focuses on several special subject areas. These are Travel, Crafts/Folkloric Art, Lifestyles, and Future Trends. Since its inception in 1992, FVNB has sought to combine a high level of professionalism in writing with a truly visionary involvement in our subject areas.

Under the "Travel... For The Fun Of It!" sub-heading, FVNB covers destinations, cruises, hotels and resorts, and other travel-oriented items of interest. We are able to bring a unique perspective to our coverage and writing for the travel press because of long-time involvement in the travel industry. Having been involved in the travel industry as marketing and marketing research professionals for over 40 years as well as a travel agency owner/manager for over 10 years, we know travel as few writers do.

FVNB participates in travel press tours and travel industry "fam" trips. However, we release coverage only if we feel that the item or area is of high quality and a good value. Our philosophy is to accentuate the positive of any travel destination, and eliminate the negatives from our writings.

This philosophy extends to all products and services reviewed by Future Vision News Bureau, from the best in travel services to the most forward-looking product for 21st Century living. Just like Grandma always said, "If we can’t write something nice, we won’t write anything at all.”

We have an on-going selection process for the various publications we choose to receive our information and articles. Currently FVNB is accepting annual subscriptions from publications that wish to receive our material on a regular basis. Our list of publications continues to grow and includes consumer and trade publications, and business-to-business press. In January 1998 we began submitting articles through our Internet website.

4495 Mt. Herbert Avenue
San Diego‚ California 92117
(858) 268 FVNB (3862)

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